[thai steamer doesn't steam the kernel code]
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What is the Steamer ::

  • Steamer is general CML1 language parser. Our main goal is to develop functional CML1 and CML2 parsers for all purposes. First stage of our development is to create parser that creates php interface for Linux kernel configuration in a manner like, for instance, 'make menuconfig', or 'make xconfig' do.
  • Our goal is not just to provide universal web interface to Linux kernel configuration, but to create general purpose parser for CML1 language. We are also looking forward for the release of CML2 language [project maintained by Eric S. Raymond] that should be used from the next branch of linux kernels 2.5.x, and further on.
  • As it was mentioned, after the first stage of the development, CML1 parser that creates php+mysql web interface for kernel configuration. After that we will develop general purpose parser that is able to output gtk+, Qt and Tcl/Tk interfaces for kernel configuration.
    Why are you doing that ::

  • We have a masterplan to rule the earth with the steamer project, as well as to base our development upon the childrens labour.